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Wedding DJ up to 1000 People Call or email 


 Pricing may vary depending on the date requested (major holidays may cost extra), the demand of sound and or lighting equipment needed, hall location/distance (ease of access applies) and the amount of hours that our services will be needed. Please contact us to receive a personalized pricing proposal for your wedding. 

Events Out of the Area and on special holidays will incur an extra charge

Parties, Corporate, Fundraisers, Schools and Non-profits give us a call we can make a package that fits you.

PARTY PACKAGE 1: $600 (for 10-100 People)

1 – 4 hours of DJ Service
Extended Library of Music
Professional Equipment
Business Casual Attire

$600 for up to 4 hours Total 

$100 per hour thereafter 


PARTY PACKAGE 2: $990 (for 10-150 People)

1 – 4 hours of DJ Service 

Extended Library of Music Basic Light Show or Music Video Package Professional Equipment Formal Attire

$990 for up to 4 hours Total 

$125 per hour thereafter 

Silver Wedding Package: $1490.00 (for 10 – 200 People)

Full DJ and MC service Music

*Up to 5 hours of DJ Service Reception (Dinner Music Included) *Extended Music Library, Dance floor lighting, Wireless Microphones, Light Show or Music Video Package Professional, *Professional Equipment *Master of Ceremonies *Pre-Event Planning Coordination of your wedding reception Unlimited planning meetings 24/7 access for all your favorite music selections *Formal attire. 

(Travel fees may be added dependent upon location).

$1990 for up to 5 hours Total 

$150 per hour thereafter

Gold Wedding Package: $1990.00 (for 10-250 People) Same General Area

Full DJ and MC service Music you select 

*Up to 6 Hours of DJ Service (Dinner Music Included) Light Show or Music Video Package Professional, Dance floor lighting, Wireless Microphones

*Extended Music Library *Professional Equipment *Master of Ceremonies *Pre-Event Planning Coordination of your wedding reception Unlimited planning meetings for all your favorite music selections 

*Formal Attire. With separate ceremony system if needed. (Travel fees may be added, dependent upon location. This is for a total of up to 6 hours of DJ service.)

$1990 for up to 6 hours Total 

$200 per hour thereafter 

The Platinum Package: $2490.00 (for 10-300 People) “Our Most Popular Package” Total of 9 Hours

DJ and MC service 

*Up to 3 Hours rehearsal Dinner DJ 

6 Hours of Wedding DJ Service, Reception (Dinner Music Included) Light Show or Music Video Package, Professional, Wireless Microphones. Uplights, Dance floor lighting. All your favorite music selections. *Extended Music Library *Professional Equipment *Master of Ceremonies *Pre-Event Planning *Formal Attire. 

Separate ceremony system if needed. 

(Travel fees may be added, dependent upon location. 

Total of up to 9 hours of DJ service. 

$2490 for up to 9 hours Total
$200 per hour thereafter

Extra Speaker Or Extra Full System Coverage: $100 – $200

This would be if an extra speaker was needed in another location such as outside or a different room or just in an area were our normal system would not be effective. The extra full system would be in weddings or events of over 300 people were more sound amplification would be needed or if someone had the desire to have a second full system somewhere else. Such as one system inside a venue for dinner and then moving outside to a separate area for dancing. In either of these cases another full system or speaker system.

Music Video Package With 65 Inch LCD: $100.00  Each

120 inch Projector and screen $150 Each Set

Many of today’s currents hits are in a music video format. This is a very cool way to upgrade the vibe on the dance floor.

 Monogram: (Names On Dance Floor Or Wall) $150.00 – $300.00

Pricing dependent on whether Gobo is made from steel, glass or projection. If done with our video projector the pricing would be 150 Dollars and picking one of our 32 custom Monograms.

Photomontage: (Slideshow) $150.00 Separate – $475.00

A 60 (Pre scanned) Photo Slideshow or Complete with Projection (Projector and Screen).

For a more detailed or custom Package, Please give us a call, the possibilities are unlimited!

Basic Dance Floor Light Show: $100.00

Dance Floor lighting to add a little flash to your dance floor

Photobooth: $495.00 – $695.00

Up to 3 hours and not over 200 people if combined with DJ Service or $695.00 if not.

CEREMONY COVERAGE PACKAGES (Included in Gold and Platinum package)


$200.00 – 300.00: When you’re having your Ceremony on site or off site (It will cost more off site, we can provide sound reinforcement for your ceremony and this is what it includes: *Up to an hour of Coverage *Up to 1 high quality Speaker (as needed) *Professional Music Play out System *Wireless Lapel/Lavalier Microphone for your Officiate/Priest/Pastor *Your Choice of Music for your, Processional, Bridal March, Candle or Sand Ceremony (If being done) and Recessional. *Pre Ceremony Music while your guests are sitting. Higher prices are charged when or if the ceremony is in another location such as another city or adding extra equipment to accommodate musicians this is taken on a case by case basis.

“We Only Do Ceremonies When Connected To Us Doing The Reception”


$300.00: It includes attendance of the ceremony reheasal and a small system brought, which consists of an Ipod or Laptop, 2 powered speaker. This way you can actually practice to the music of your day I can also assist if need to help organize your rehearsal. This can be incredibly helpful if you have an inexperienced officiate (AKA family friend or favorite uncle). Out of town or difficult locations fees may apply.


Overtime is $100-$200.00 per hour after the contracted time.

A Traveling fee will be charged if deemed necessary. If your event is not within our service area or in a difficult location. Hotel fees may apply as well, dependent on location. Overtime is charge per service, meaning if you did overtime on both Photobooth and DJ that would be an added $400.00 for one hour, or Just DJ service or Just Photobooth then $200 dollars for one hour.

All events require a $300.00 or $500.00 retaining fee if adding a Photobooth. This is a non-refundable retainer to hold the date of your event. Retainer does go towards final payment. With final payment being made no later than 2 weeks before event.

Wireless Speaker Upgrade:

What is it and why would you need it? That’s a great question and an easy answer. If you have a location that is not far from our main DJ Setup we can wirelessly project to that speaker even if there is no power. This particular speaker also can be used for rehearsals and ceremonies such as a beach wedding. It has a wireless hand mic built in, add an IPad and boom instant sound.

Basic Dance Floor Lighting Upgrade:

Basic dance floor lighting can add energy to any dance floor. This is a very simple but good lighting system Called a ChauvetGigbar offering multiple lights and lasers synched to the beat of the music on the dance floor.

Custom Monogram Upgrade:

This is a great way to take your wedding reception to the next level. You can choose from anyone of our 50 custom monograms. These are done with an extremely High quality video projector. Also ask about our “ Motion” monograms to make this even better.

Video Upgrade:

This comes in different flavors and sizes we have a 65 inch LCD that can be used for our music video package. As well as a 6 foot by 9 foot rear projection big screen system. Not only can these be used for our music video package but for photomontages. Though I have to say I’m a lover of the big screen system with music videos during dance. It takes it to a whole new level.

Photobooth Upgrade:

Our Photobooth is the Atlanta Photobooth, it’s one of the best in the industry. Not only does it produce two photostrips at a time. But it is also capable of recording HD video messages. This way not only do you get the strips for your memories but the actual fun moments on video if your guests choose to leave them.

Photobooth Enclosure Upgrade:

Our Photobooth is normally open air style, like the photo of the booth in this document. We then use a pipe and drape backdrop. It’s great for getting lots of guests in the photo’s and looks great as well. But if your goal is to class up your event every chance you get. Then we can use this enclosure, though there is a 100 dollar fee for use of the enclosure. I will say that this can sometimes bring out the fun in people. When not everyone can see what’s going on.


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